If you are a photographer, advertising agency, graphics design studio, sign shop, or copy center the new generation of wide format printers offer potential to provide an endless variety of products.

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Informative links to large format inkjet printer reviews, product comparisons, best buy recommendations of large format inkjet printers, color laser printers, dye-sublimation printers, color, black-and-white laser printers, inks and paper for wide format printers including printing black-and-white photographs.

Tiquisate incensario bust (color) Tiquisate incensario bust (grayscale)

Tiquisate incensario bust (color)

Tiquisate incensario bust (grayscale)

Today's newest wide format inkjet printers are easy to use. The results are impressive. You can make posters, banners, signs of almost any size. You can print on transparent media, colored paper, natural paper, synthetic material for special effects. You can print on traditional photo gloss, photo semi-gloss, or photo matte paper. Some wide format printers allow you to print on canvas, even leather, silk, or metal foil. You can complete all the work in the comfort of your own office.

Just follow the links below and you will be led to basic introductions and comprehensive product listings, such as all the manufacturers of wide format printers, all the manufacturers of PostScript RIP software, as well as results of actually using wide format printers in actual practice. FLAAR has nine different wide format printers in our evaluation studios at two universities so you can count on plenty of helpful reviews.

If you intend to enlarge your image to print on a wide-format printer, it helps to have a good scanner in your office or studio. Link here to directory of professional quality scanners.

If you wish to learn black and white digital photography, follow this link here.

If you wish to learn black and white inkjet printing, FLAAR is working together with Bowling Green State University and Francisco Marroquin University to provide instruction via the internet so you can learn in the comfort of your own home.

Answers to all the FAQs about large format inkjet printers for panoramas
Nicholas Hellmuth's thematic reports on large format digital color printers now available

 reviews of large format printers most appropriate for signs, posters, banners including POP, both inside and outside: Encad vs HP, Roland, etc

 large format printers 24" and above for fine art giclee prints, for first-time users, intermediate, and experienced users as well

 large format printers 24" and above for top quality digital photo prints, museum-quality exhibit prints, for newbies to pro

 which scanners are best for scanning negatives, slides for large format printing of photo-realistic quality; what overhead repro-stand scanners are best for digitizing the actual artwork for large format printing; what large format digital scan back systems are best for digitizing paintings or 3-D artwork (all high end) for fine art giclee printing. This report covers only professional equipment: no entry-level, no cheap home scanners; nonetheless, this and all other reports are written for the first-time buyer, for newcomers to digital imaging as well as for pros who want better equipment.

 large format digital printers for textiles, direct printing on textiles as well as heat transfer with normal inks (no need for dye sublimation inks)

 for dye sublimation heat transfer onto textiles, metal, wood, plastic, ceramics, metal and other treated surfaces

 plotters and color inkjet plotters for CAD, GIS, aerial maps, 3-D graphic design, engineering or architectural drawings,etc.

 large format printers appropriate for a college or university art or photography department, for a museum, repro shop,

 helpful list of media and inks for signs, posters, banners; helpful list of media and inks for fine art giclee or photo-realistic museum prints.

 quick-start help for first time buyers, list of the best RIPs; hints for what accessories you need; list of where you can get books and training


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