Certain of these wide format scanners (such as the Vidar scanners) can handle documents up to half an inch thick. So all kinds of artwork or even materials can be fed through a Vidar scanner.

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How can you digitize all your old maps, architectural drawings, sketches or other large artwork?

How do you scan graphics larger than your flatbed scanner?

vidar wide format scanner
Vidar wide format scanner. That company was bought by Contex. Other companies offering wide format scanners are ACTion and Hewlett-Packard.

Vidar wide format scanner is 40 inches wide enough? Then you can use a Titan Atlas sheet fed/roll fed wide format scanner from Vidar. At recent tradeshows we noted a partnership between Vidar and ColorSpan. Since we have one ColorSpan printer already, and like it so much we are adding a second ColorSpan printer this summer, we are curious about the Vidar wide format scanner.

But we do not yet have any such scanner. So we are still looking around. We are also checking out Action Imaging Solutions. They now handle wide format scanners of Colortrac, ANAtech, and Tangent.

At the trade shows we have seen excellent quality from Contex large format scanners. Contex has a joint product with HP; you can now get an HP cc800ps joined with a Contex printer as a dedicated system. Another alternative is the HP DesignJet 815mfp, or the HP DesignJet scanner 4200.

During 2003 FLAAR will updated the list of wide format scanners to include the key brands as well as OEM wide format scanners. Previously our facilities were so filled with large format printers that we lacked space for a wide format scanner. Now we have doubled our space at the Francisco Marroquin University and are initiating an evaluation center at a technical college of Bowling Green State University in Ohio. Thus this year we have personnel and space to handle evaluation of additional equipment. Just as soon as a wide format scanner arrives we will update this section. A wide format scanner from ACTion is scheduled to arrive in August.

For more information on wide format scanners, please contact: ACTion Imaging Solutions US at Tel +1 303 973 6722, Fax +1 303 973 7092, Email: info@action-imaging.com

HP DesignJet Wide Format Scanner 4200
Dr Nicholas Hellmuth (FLAAR), Anastassia Young (student of architecture at BGSU), Dr Andreas Luescher (Asst Professor of Architecture), and the HP DesignJet Wide Format Scanner 4200

Just as some printers have special features that make them better than others, we will likely find the same situation with wide format scanners. One brand or other will turn out to have a more robust hardware or a better software, or both. Since the HP is a combination of a known printer (HP DesignJet 800) and a known scanner brand (Contex) its a good product.

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Wide format scanners


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