With this kind of high-end digital arsenal it is essential to protect everything with UPS units from American Power Conversion.

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A scan of a 35mm slide from this slide scanner is good enough to print on a wide format Encad printer.

jaguar print with Encad
This large format enlargement of a jaguar demonstrates the capabilities of a Nikon CoolScan 35mm slide scanner. Not bad for 35mm. Not bad for a print that was nowhere near any photographic darkroom.

And not bad for someone who never studied graphics, computers (actually I never studied photography either). After all,
I went to Harvard during the '60's, when we were supposed to do our own thing. My thing in those days was to wander around Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras photographing Maya ruins. Half a century later I am still wandering around Central America and still photographing Maya ruins. Having all this digital equipment in my own office sure makes it all the more enjoyable. 

Color quality results from a hardware RIP server, here the blue computer on the left. EFI Fiery RIP (Electronics for Imaging).

We use only Encad inks (to use any other voids the warranty) but we enjoy experimenting with media from other suppliers. Here, media from American Ink Jet Corporation.

Close Up of jaguar print
Close-up of the pussy cat in the Encad print.

The nice thing about the Encad is that the ink seems to last forever. We keep printing, day and night, week after week, and there is still more than enough ink in the reservoir. We feel this is the honest way to engineer a printer.

The ENCAD in the FLAAR Digital Imaging Technology Center is powered by an EFI Fiery RIP. This Fiery XJ-W hardware RIP is great because it immediately takes over from the Macintosh (or PC) computer, and releases the main computer back to you. You can continue working on something else while the Fiery RIPs the image.

Be sure to read the review of the newer EFI Fiery hardware RIPs on www.wide-format-printers.org




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