FLAAR has every computer and peripheral protected by these American Power Conversion UPS units.

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American Power Conversion, APC, make an uninterruptable power supply (UPS) for every need.

Be sure to have all your peripherals plugged into your UPS battery backup unit. Don't forget to plug in your monitor, because when the main power disappears, you cannot shut down your computer if your monitor is dead.

Close up of UPS in use (jpeg)
Close-up of the peripherals conected to the UPS unit

Never, however, plug your laser printer into a UPS unit. The power surge when a laser printer turns on will zap a UPS unit. And never plug the vacuum cleaner into some convenient UPS unit, as 1000 watts will be too much in one jolt.

Our digital imaging would not be possible without the peace of mind from having secure battery backup for our essential computer equipment.

No matter where you are in the world you can find a computer store that sells UPS units from American Power Conversion.

Views in a typical digital imaging studio to demonstrate the need for battery backup.

Years ago we had battery backups from lesser companies, but now we use UPS units only from American Power Conversion.

This is what happens if you buy your UPS unit just for your computer, and forget all the peripherals. You will then need to have a whole bunch together. It is more economical to buy a larger model UPS that can handle all your future needs as well.


APC UPS units (jpeg)
APC UPS units

Previously we bought whatever brand of UPS that happened to be offered. But both off-brands eventually went dead. For this reason we recommend American Power Conversion. If you are in a lightning belt as we are in Florida, you know you can count on UPS from APC to protect your valuable equipment and its even more priceless data files.

Over the last three years we have lost two computers to power surges. One Macintosh cost $850 to repair.

Last month the logic board on our other Mac got fried. Replacement was almost a thousand dollars (with labor). NEITHER computer was on an APC UPS unit! The Mac repair person said an electrical surge was probably the culprit. So it is a lot more economical to buy an American Power Supply unit today.

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