One of the three essential titles to buy on flatbed scanning is an informative book "Start with a Scan: A Guide to Transforming Scanned Photos and Objects into High Quality Art," by Janet Ashford and John Odam, Peachpit Press.

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Peachpit Press offers the best titles available on the market today and we wholeheartedly recommend you visit their web site,

A chapter-by-chapter review of this helpful book is now available. In the meantime, you can buy this book at your local store or via the Internet and get started.

start with a scan
Start with a Scan

What scanner should you use? We recommend the scanners by Linotype-Hell.

Linotype-Hell scanners come in many sizes, shapes, and budgets, from home use to prepress professionals.

Avoid low-budget, no-name, and cheap scanners in general.

It is the software that is as important as the scanner itself, and Linotype-Hell has the best color scanning software, LinoColor .

An important book for everyone to read who has a scanner is "Real World Scanning and Halftones" by David Blatner, Glenn Fleishman, and Steve Roth





Professional Photoshop 5 by Dan Margulis
Adobe Photoshop for profesionals by Martin Evening
Start with a Scan: A Guide to Transforming Scanned Photos and Objects intoHigh Quality Art," by Janet Ashford and John Odam



Mac Upgrade and Repair Bible, by Todd Stauffer

Inside Adobe Photoshop

The Official Photo CD Handbook

Start with a Scan

book review gateway

review of an excellent book on Adobe Photoshop for Photographers, Focal Press

coming soon, review of book on Adobe PageMill 3, Coriolis

coming soon, book review of Mac Upgrade and Repair Bible, IDG Books

Don Margulis, Professional Photoshop 5: Classic Guide to Color Correction, John Wiley & Sons

if you read this book you will never have your slides put on a Kodak Photo CD system again.

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