Focal Press Book review (chapters 10- 12)

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Chapters 10 and 12

Chapters 10 and 12 cover similar topics; chapter 13 is crucial information but a somewhat different aspect of the capability of Photoshop. The examples are good and if you have your own trial image on your monitor you can continue to learn new tricks with new tools.

Chapter 14, Black and White Effects

Duotones prove useful in all kinds of situations especially recreating an antique look to old family photos of grandparents and the first immigrants from the old country. Duotone printing is also a professional way to add impact to an otherwise rather normal looking black-and-white publication. The book "Rediscovered Masterpieces" is one of the first books on pre-Columbian art which used duotones.

Black and white from color is a key section for low-budget academics who don't have a color laser. The author suggests that (in the RGB color channels) that the total should equal 100%. I found that (in CMYK, where I tend to transform the color channels to black-and-white, after working the image a bit in LAB), that I could get 150% and more (always under 200%).

As a note, if you use a sophisticated black-and-white laser printer on which you can control the lines-per-inch (lpi) then you want the image as light as possible to achieve a higher lpi (the higher the lpi the darker the image will be printed by the laser). I have not yet tested the Xante, which can handle up to 133 and even 150 lpi which may allow for a more normal image (that is, normally dark on your monitor).

Margulus' book "Professional Photograph 5" covers converting color to B+W in exquisite detail. Despite frequent references to this other book, I would not do without the present book by M. Evening, in part because Evening is never aggressive and does not condemn other ways of doing things.

The Rest of the Book

Time saving tips are everywhere, such as how to remove scanning defects from a cloudy sky (lower caption on page 247).

Professional Photoshop 5 by Dan Margulis
Adobe Photoshop for profesionals by Martin Evening
Start with a Scan: A Guide to Transforming Scanned Photos and Objects intoHigh Quality Art," by Janet Ashford and John Odam


Mac Upgrade and Repair Bible, by Todd Stauffer

Inside Adobe Photoshop

The Official Photo CD Handbook

Start with a Scan










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