Until now, preparing an image for a wide-format printer hit a brick wall at about 52 inches (the size limits imposed by PageMaker). But there are printers that can do 50 to 60 inches sideways, not to mention 100 feet long!

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How can you prepare an image for wide-format printers if PageMaker has a size limit of 52 inches?

computer software bookstand
Computer software bookstand

Adobe finally finished InDesign, their "Quark Killer" software. Adobe InDesign can handle images up to 18 x 18 feet. That ought
to tide us over for a year or so.

The Better Light camera can produce huge images with its 4x5 large format capabilities. It was limiting to be hamstrung with layout software when my Encad printer was just waiting for monumental images. Sure, you could print from Photoshop, but that software croaks on files over 410 MB and has parsing errors on many of my digital photos when they are over 340 MB.

The Better Light has a rotating turntable, so takes complete 360 degree panoramas. The Better Light can also rotate round objects and peel off their circumferential design (a "rollout" photograph). Both these modes result in such large images. A normal shot is only about 140 MB (with no rotation of the system).

How do you store images of this size? Burn lots of CD-R disks, buy several RAID systems, and get the new DVD-RAM technology are immediate answers that we have worked with. It also helps when Apple Computer provided our test center with a Mac loaded with 548 MB RAM which we then upgraded to 800 MB.

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