If you are a photographer, or interested in the abilities of Adobe Photoshop to handle slides, prints, and other photographs (as opposed to doing arty-crafty pastiches) then this book is a must-buy.

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Martin Evening offers his considerable experiences as a professional image editor to
provide information for the professional utilization of the abilities of Adobe Photoshop
version 5 for both Mac and PC.

adobe photoshop
Adobe Photoshop version 5 for both Mac and PC.

Focal Press, Oxford and Boston, an imprint of Butterworth-Heinemann. www.bh.com for information on the book itself,
you can go to www.bh.com/focalpress/evening






Professional Photoshop 5 by Dan Margulis
Adobe Photoshop for profesionals by Martin Evening
Start with a Scan: A Guide to Transforming Scanned Photos and Objects intoHigh Quality Art," by Janet Ashford and John Odam


Mac Upgrade and Repair Bible, by Todd Stauffer

Inside Adobe Photoshop

The Official Photo CD Handbook

Start with a Scan



Table of Contents
1) Digital Capture (scanners, Kodak Photo CD, digital cameras, Dicomed Bigshot, low-end cameras, etc.) 2) Resolution
3) RGB and CMYK Color 4) File Formats
5) Print Outputting and Proofing 6) Configuring Photoshop

7) The Work Space
Section 2: Basic Image Corrections

8) Image Adjustment
9) Color Adjustment 10) Repairing an Image
11) Montage Techniques

12) Retouching
Section 3: Advanced Techniques

13) Shortcuts 14) Black and White Effects
15) Coloring Effects 16) Layer Effects
17) Filters 18) Lighting and Rendering
19) Synthesis 20) Appendix

Martin Evening obviously knows of what he speaks. He has no personal vendettas to expound. The description is straightforward and concise. Although this book covers version 5, you would lose too much valuable information and tips if you wait until the new version of Adobe Photoshop for the Pentium III chip. Besides, half the readers of this book will be using a Mac computer anyway, and thus ver 5.0.2 is more than adequate.

Review by Nicholas Hellmuth, based on his experience as a professional photographer (publications include by National Geographic) digital photography (beta tester for the top of the high-end, Better Light), scanning (reviewer of Umax PowerLook II and III), and desktop printing (reviewer for Lexmark Corporation, QMS printers, Encad wide format, and EFI Fiery RIPs).

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