Now you can render any 3-D image in full color in just a few minutes.

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Bring a wide format color printer into your office and its capabilities will revolutionize your business with its quality and bright photo-quality output.

EFI fiery rip (jpeg)
Dr. Hellmuth and Sal Scotto unpacking the equipment in the FLAAR office, preparing to hook up to the EFI Fiery RIP.

We started out with a 300 dpi Encad and recently upgraded to the 600 dpi Hewlett-Packard DesignJet 2800 CP. Recently we upgraded further to 1200 dpi HP DesignJet 5000 and also a ColorSpan DisplayMaker XII which printer is best, ENCAD NovaJet Pro vs Hewlett-Packard

If you are an architect or architectural historian you can show everything in full color. No more lethargic plotters that take hours to print a drawing.

The same in art, art history, and archaeology. You can produce your own enlargements directly from your computer. You can see the proofs right away and then print the final version. You can make all the changes you want, no extra charge. Even change the colors.

The vase is over one thousand years old and records a scene inside a Classic Maya palace. Since FLAAR does not own any Maya vases, it base its studies entirely on photographs.

Nicholas with poster
FLAAR Director Dr Nicholas Hellmuth inspects a color rollout and compares it with the image on the Viewsonic monitor. Five years after this photography was taken we are still using Viewsonic monitors. Just bought three more of them.

This color image, 24 inches wide, was printed on an ENCAD NovaJetPro powered by a Fiery XJ-W hardware RIP.

We subsequently got a second EFI Fiery RIP but quickly found out that this brand of RIP could not be updated. It gets obsolete quickly. So we switched to software RIP and found out that this was much better (and less expensive) than EFI Fiery hardware RIP. Now we no longer use EFI products. Even Hewlett-Packard and Encad have both abandoned EFI projects. Only Canon and Xerox clink to that outmoded kind of RIP. It's needlessly overpriced too.

One photo lab in Columbus Missouri said most of his steady customers preferred to have their 35mm slides scanned and then printed on an inkjet printer, rather than being done even in Cibachrome.

This was three years ago. Then next we upgraded to the newer, better Hewlett-Packard DesignJet 2800CP. This had 600 dpi as compared to the meager 300 dpi of early Encad printers.The quality was superior due to the dot diffusion pattern. So when it was time for another printer, we upgraded to the Hewlett-Packard DesignJet 5000 which is fabulous.

These printers are better for photographs than Encad, which is made primarily for signs rather than for museum quality. Indeed we just did an entire museum exhibit with our HP 5000 inkjet printer.

For detailed information visit The printers used in the FLAAR facilities are provided courtesy of the manufacturers to serve as a showcase on how museums can take advantage of digital imaging and thereby accomplish better research and improved public education.

* Examples of the quality of which this Encad printer is capable: poster of jaguar photographed in Mexico
* Large format color print of native Maya textiles of Guatemala
* Wide-format rollout photographs of colorful 8th century Maya art of Guatemala and Honduras on Encad

Encad NovaJet Pro
Encad Nova Jet Pro
Color Inkjet Printer with 36" capability. In 1997 we felt that the ENCAD system is so good it replaces the need for a photographic darkroom. Many photographers are doing their exhibits entirely with inkjet prints, no more darkroom!
Encad Nova Jet Pro

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