AGFA 70mm film helping to decipher the ancient writing system of the Classic Mayan of Belize, Guatemala, Mexico, and Honduras. Since 70mm film is difficult to find it is nice to know that AGFA has it available. This particular film is courtesy of the Agfa aerial photography division in Belgium.

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Agfa 70 mm format film 70mm format film

examining film
Nicholas and Andrea inspect 70mm AGFA film from the Seitz rollout camera. This camera does with 70mm film what the Better Light system can do digitally.

FLAAR also uses another 70mm film camera to do peripheral rollouts of the circumference of round art objects, a mechanical rollout system made in Belgium. The rollouts of Maya vases from this Belgian system are an impressive result of precision rollout technology.

Photographed with Videssence SRGB fluorescent lighting, an ideal cool light source for the new era of digital photography.

In the background in the FLAAR office, Logan slide boxes to hold the estimated 40,000 slides of the Photo Archive.

To get the images into a digital system all you need is a flatbed scanner such as a UMAX.

If you want a higher dpi (to make Wideformat prints) you might also consider an Imacon vertical scanner.

Since these are rollout photographs they tend to be long format. To print them thus requires a long-format printer (oversize). We are currently using the QMS 2060 to print the rollout photographs at 13x19 inches; this printer will go up to 26 inches long, at 1200 dpi.



close up of 70mm film
Dr. Hellmuth examinig film (jpeg)
Nicholas inspecting the details of the hieroglyphic inscriptions which are brought out by the AGFA 70mm film.


close up of Mayan vase on 70mm film
Close-up detail recorded by AGFA 70mm film. This is the first Chama style Maya vase which has an ancient hieroglyphic inscription of this length. In fact this is the longest Highland Maya inscription yet found on a funerary vase.

The Xante Accel-a-Writer 3G does the same size at 2400 dpi, and up to 35.5 inches (a double 11x17" spread).

With a rollout camera it is possible to record data on film that is difficult to see with the naked eye. AGFA 70mm film allows continuous images to be made of the entire circumference of any round artifact.

You can use 70mm film in either the Belgian rollout camera (in full 100-foot roll form) or in the Seitz Super RoundShot (in 15-foot rolls, which can easily be downloaded from a 100-foot roll).

For more information on rollout photographs, we have gateway pages on each of our four web sites.

It helps to have high quality film to record the detail of this thousand-year old inscription.

Once these images are digitized, you have to figure out how to store all that dpi. At first we used Pinnacle Micro Apex (4.6 GB per disk), but now that their price rose and the cost of CD recording has dropped, we recommend a CD-burner or DVD-RAM.

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