20 years as a photographer has taught me that the best tripod head for large format and panorama cameras is the Manfrotto model 3263 available from Bogen.

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The Manfrotto tripod head is for heavy duty use. If you have a 4x5, 5x7, or 8x10 camera this is the tripodhead to select.

close up Manfrotto
manfrotto tripod head
Manfrotto tripod head geared close up
View of the Manfrotto tripod head

If you are using a digital camera costing more than $5,000 (and especially if you are using a Sinar,
Scitex Leaf, Phase One, Dicomed, or Better Light system which can cost $27,000 and upwards) the stability of a Manfrotto head is essential.

A digital photograph can require exposures of several minutes, and wobble during that time is fatal. Thus
it is also recommendable to use a tripod with no center post. A center post is an ideal source of wobble. Ries tripods offer a solid platform (in other words, no center post).

Manfroto geared
Complete view of the geared Manfroto tripod head

European craftsmanship. This Manfrotto geared head is obviously not made in a land that prefers cheap disposable products. If you are using a Hasselblad, Rollei, any comparable camera, or 35mm equipment, you are better off with a different Manfrotto, or an Arca-Swiss monoball. Arca-Swiss heads are considerably better than any of the others that attempt to make comparable heads. We also like the Gitzo Big Ball series, though it is a different kind of head (not a monoball

Actual metal--holds up even out on remove expeditions.

This Manfrotto geared head is obviously not made in a land that prefers cheap disposable products.

Gears are what keep your heavy camera from wilting. This is industrial strength equipment.

Additional information on Gitzo tripods, Manfrotto tripod heads, Elinchrome strobes, Metz flash equipment, and Bogen light stands is readily available from the distributor (Bogen Imaging Inc.), info@bogenimaging.com or Phone: 201-818-9500, 565 East Crescent Avenue, P.O. Box 506, Ramsey, NJ 07446-0506

Manfrotto aluminum ring
Manfrotto aluminum ring
More information and images

Manfrotto with 4x5 in studio

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