You can see the several clever rotating 3D object views we have already produced. These are on various of our four FLAAR web sites which link back and forth among one another.

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Gateway to reviews and recommendations for creating impressive virtual objects with Kaidan turntables and VR Toolbox virtual object software.

The rotating objects are already finished and ready for you to view. We apologize if some of the QTVR images no longer rotate; this is because their links may have become broken over the years. In 1998 Jim Robinson served as full-time Webmaster; he was very good at doing QTVR. But then the community college got a new president; the new acting president decided to eliminate most of the multicultural and international programs that had been the successful focus of the previous president. Thus our budget was eliminated... no more capable Webmaster to keep the QTVR turning.

Fortunately a major computer company has recognized the educational potential of the FLAAR information network of web sites, so we may be able to repair the QTVR by next year.

Virtual Rotating movies
Wisner tripod (1, 2)
Rotataing film (1, 2)
Leica Lens (1 , 2)
Leica 100 mmm macro lens

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