On the wall behind is a digital photograph of a sacred bat photographed in the Maya ruins of Copan, Honduras, Central America.

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Pictures and review of the Dicomed Better Light equipment by Michael Collette which unwraps cylindrical objects into a flat rollout photograph.

This is the completely portable Dicomed Field Pro operated by Better Light software. It is fully battery operated so can travel anywhere. It is solidly built, sturdy, and never ever failed, not in tropical humidity, searing heat in Honduras, or volcanic ash throughout Guatemala.

camera case (jpeg)
Nichoals with aTIquisate rollout poster (jpeg)
Dicomed camera in a case
Rollout of a Late or Post Classic Tiquisate area vase from the Museo Popol Vuh, enlarged on an Encad NovaJet Pro with EFI Fiery RIP, in the FLAAR Digital Imaging Technology Center.

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Gateway for rollout results and technology rollout of Maya vase showing toothy bird what kind of equipment can store all these large digital images? what kinds of printers can handle images this sophisticated?

helpful suggestions on what photo quality paper is best for your images?

where and how to store your digital images? RAID, DVD, or CD-R ?

lots of links to information on desktop publishing hardware/software, www.laser-printer-reviews.org

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