This paper has a substantial feel and reproduces color beautifully on the Lexmark Optra SC 1275n color laser printer.

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Potlatch Mountie Matte was selected as the best paper for desktop publishing by Professor Lin Osborne, who has created his own textbooks for years.

Why use books written by other people when you are an expert in the field you are teaching about? Advances in digital printing now allow each and any professor to create their own handouts. We all have thousands of color slides. Just get a hold of the new Nikon dedicated 35mm color scanner and you are all set to reproduce your own material for your students. Don't forget that a Macintosh generates thumbnail pictures automatically; it is a serious mistake to struggle with photographic images on a PC clone.

Mountie Matte has a cream shade that enhances the color images. We much prefer the heavier stock, it adds substance to any publication, manual, or workbook.

Once we recognized the qualities of Mountie Matte, we checked out what else Potlatch had to offer and found Potlatch McCoy, which we will be testing soon.

In the meantime, Potlatch papers are available from Mac Papers. Potlatch 1 800 447-2133

Once you have all your paper nicely printed, how can you bind it for distribution? Check out Ibico equipment, available from Baudville 1 800 728-0888, or from Highsmith 1 800-558-2110.

Other suppliers and distributors include Keysan, Office Zone

Another desktop binding system is available from Spiral Binding Company, 1 800 631-3572.

Plenty of systems available, try out Rilecart wire binding system, (305) 534-9750 · Fax: (305) 672-3394 , E-mail:

Renz combi wire binding system is another.

If you don't want to bind in-house, you can send your work out to Rasch Graphic Services Corporation - a bookbindery offering full service perfect binding, saddle stitching, plastic coil, wire-o, gbc, folding and all the extras. Or, for a place in your area, check the national listings on The Publisher's Yellow Pages.

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