Certain laser papers are better than other laser papers.

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Monadnock specialty paper optimized for digital images on laser printers

Monadnock Paper Mills offers a quality laser paper. But Monadnock laser paper was hard to find when we first began reviewing paper. In fact they were the only paper company which neglected to send enough samples to test with our various laser printers.

Print-on-demand is a growing need, whether in education or enterprise markets. Desktop publishing has now expanded from the graphics bureaus to mainstream use. Short-run printing can now be done in-house. It helps to know about paper, so we work hard at providing useful information.

Part of the hours of labor of a test technician is to read the trade publications. So, during breakfast, lunch, and dinner, I devour the trade papers. This includes accumulating information on the Internet, but occasionally an outstanding product has no web page! Such is the case of Monadnock Paper Mills. We had a hard time finding information on them, but they make wonderful paper optimized for laser printers. So here is how to contact them.

Monadnock Paper Mills, the correct number is (603) 588-3311.

For additional information, go to Yahoo and type in Monadnock AND Paper AND Mills and you will fish out of the World Wide Web what little is available (at least what little was available in 1997-1998). We hope to do more than this and test their papers, indeed the mention of Monadnock Paper Mills on this web site of the FLAAR information network on desktop publishing has put their paper company in the Top 10 on the search engines.. Monadnock Paper Mills make Astrolite, Caress, Dulcet, and Revue, among others.

If you wish to buy some for yourself, contact Anchor Paper, 1 800 652-9755

Since Weyerhaeuser Paper sent an entire pallet of samples of Weyerhaeuser FirstChoice premium laser paper we have more experience with this paper. Georgia-Pacific is sending quite a selection of laser paper as well. Consolidated Paper sent their nice Futura Laser laser paper. It's been three years, but if Monadnock ever gets around to sending samples we will report on its capabilities. In the meantime, Hammermill (International Paper) gets the most attention. For Europe International Paper Potlatch_laser_print_paper makes Reyprint, or favorite for testing laser printers in our office in Germany. Another laser paper we like is Potlatch laser paper.

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