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Used scanners, if they work, if the results are okay, and if you have a warranty, why not? I do not know anything about this company but give them a try.

7595 East Gray Road, #1, Scottsdale, AZ 85260
Phone: 602-948-2720 · Fax: 602-948-0615
E-mail: john-warner@genesis-equipment.com

Genesis Equipment Marketing rebuilds imagesetters, scanners, drum scanners, RIPs manufactured by AGFA, Linotype-Hell-Heidelberg, Creo, Screen, and Howtek.

They indicate that all equipment is completely rebuilt by their in-house technical staff, guaranteed to be in good working order, and comes with a parts warranty.

Avoid the Leaf Lumina scanner. It is outmoded technology (it was legacy equipment already four years ago!). The Leaf Lumina I tried out came with a cheap lens, something like a Sigma, was grossly overpriced (at least they could have included a Nikon lens), had awkward software, and was so unbalanced in weight that it was extremely difficult to use. This is the worst digital product we have yet seen.

What kind of digital storage is best?

DVD-RAM or DVD-ROM? CD-R or CD-RW? What is a RAID system? Do I need a RAID?

Contact Robert D. Groover,

Sales Manager, MegaHaus (Dickinson, TX), tel (281) 534-3919, ext 1086.

E-mail rgroover@megahaus.com













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