New reviews each month, including recommendations as well as warnings of what models not to buy (do not buy the Leaf Lumina, fortunately it has been discontinued, but \
used and reconstituted models lurk on dealer's shelves).

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Thorough listing of and links to the best professional and high-end scanners, both flatbed, vertical, and drum scanners.

Links are mostly directly to the section within the web site where pertinent scanners are pictured and described. Midrange to high-end flatbed scanners are the row on the left; the row at the right is mainly drum scanners (or high-end vertical scanners such as Imacon).

 AGFA Bayer, Celare Technologies, ScanView
 Action Imaging Solutions US, Crosfield, DuPont (subsequently sold to Fuji)
.Fuji Photo Film,  Eurocore,
 Eastman Kodak,  Fujifilm Electronic Imaging, very very nice scanner

Heidelberg USA,
Heidelberg CPS, (we like the Saphir Ultra2)
Heidelberg CPS,

(, Heidelberg USA,
 Howtek,  Howtek, our test scans did not fare well on the Howtek; nor on the Aztek version either.
 ICG, drum scanners  Global Graphics hardware, moved their office in USA.
 Imacon, nice scanner but not an actual drum scanner,
so be careful of advertised claims
ICG North America, headquarters ICG Limited, England, (formerly Itek Colour Graphics)
 Pixelcraft  Imacon, nice but we hear of occasional problems
.  Isomet,
.  JEI Corporation, ,out of business
 Polaroid, (early model of their SprintScan 45 was a dud but new model 4000 has potential)  Optronics,, not in business?
 Purup-Eskofot,  Scantronix,
 ScanView, (sold by Howtek in USA)  ScanView,
 Creo, (EverSmart line of scanners)  Screen USA,
 UMAX Technologies (we like their PowerLook III but Creo scanners are considerably better.  Storm (Germany),; rebrands other scanners
.  Tangent,

If we forgot anyone, please let us know (we did not forget Microtek it is just that our tests and experience with Umax have been sufficient to cover the lower-mid-range). We do not usually review low-end scanners. If you have professional quality slides or negatives, then you need a professional quality scanner, such as any of the several models of EverSmart flatbed scanners from Creo.

We suggest avoiding the early models of the Leaf slide scanners. We tried out the Leaf Lumina and were totally dissatisfied in every way, shape, and form. Now that Leaf is part of Scitex their products are not only high-tech they are also more user friendly. Leaf digital backs for digital studio photography, for example, are very popular, though we prefer 4x5 format scanning backs (72 x 90 cm in digital size), such as Dicomed, Better Light or Phase One.

The FLAAR Digital Imaging Technology (Testing) Center is opening up an entire new and separate web site for testing and reviewing scanners. The above list has been expanded and moved to the new site, Reviews will appear every two months on that new site. This page is a preview of the information and links that will be featured.

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