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Free First Level FLAAR Reports by Nicholas Hellmuth

Many people have asked to get portions of the FLAAR web site in PDF form. So we have prepared three levels:

  • Previews
    (which show what's in the other levels)
  • First Level free Reports

The Preview and first level reports are all free (you get them in exchange for filling out the Inquiry Form). The Premium Reports are available by credit card. The Premium Reports include tips, help, information, and evaluations of printers, scanners, and digital imaging software not available on the web pages.

But here, now, on this this Inquiry Survey Form, this is where you can acquire the Free Reports at no cost. The more you tell us about the needs you have and what you will use wide format printer for, the easier it is for us to pinpoint which report titles are ideal for your situation. The information in our reports can perhaps save you from making an expensive mistake!

If you need help deciding which large format printer or what inks are archival and long-lasting, just fill out the form below. Nicholas Hellmuth's staff of the FLAAR Digital Imaging Technology Center, will do their best to answer you within 48 hours by sending the information to you in Adobe Acrobat PDF download format via e-mail.

Don't worry about paying FLAAR, we are non-profit and neither ask for nor receive payment for the Previews or first level reports. Providing basic reports in exchange for you telling us what kinds of information we should put into our system is part of sharing what we know with you in return for you sharing with us your questions and comments. Of course if you prefer to pay and get the premium series, you can do that from another page. But below it's all free.

Choose at least 3 and up to 6 Free FLAAR Reports and/or as many free previews as you wish to get.
Printing Giclee Printing 3-D Applications for your Wide Format Printer GOA 2004 PMA 2004
Printing giclee yourself? Printing 3-D Objects with HP Inkjet Printheads All the Applications for
your Wide Format Printer
News and Views from
Graphic of the Americas Trade Show 2004
Comments on Digital Cameras Exhibited
at PMA 2004
See more of the rest of the titles you can choose


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