Guide to useful glass and resin filters for improving your photography

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Guide to Useful and Essential Filters for Improving your Photography

In 30 years photography have found it essential to have a good assortment of filters. We prefer glass filters from B+H or Heliopan, but resin filters from Lee are good. I do not know who makes Sinar’s filters (they usually OEM other products with their name, such as their lenses which are actually Rodenstock lenses under the Sinar nameplate).
Cokin, Hoya, Hitech, Rosco, Sinar, and Tiffen are a few of the international brands. Lee Filters had a booth at Photokina ’02 and PhotoPlus Expo also, so we know a bit more about this brand.
On a recent shoot in Guatemala out on location the sunset filters from Lee made a tremendous difference. Turns out the Kodak ProBack Plus digital back needed the filtration to get the sunset tones.

Color correction filters

Filters for black-and-white

Filters for infrared

Graduated filters


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