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Accesories for Flatbed and Drum Scanner Digital Imaging


Be sure to have enough extra Memory (RAM) to handle large scans. We use 800 MB RAM in our Macintosh.

Cables to connect everything to your scanner (Cables-to-Go)

Uninterruptible Power Supply (American Power Conversion)

Monitor, dual 21" is best (ViewSonic 21" PT815)



Sharing your files with others (Zip, Jaz and CD-R)

Storing your files/ backup storage (CD-R burner; DVD-RAM, DAT; DLT)

Hard Disk Storage within Computer to handle digital files (Quantum Snap)

Hard Disk Storage within Dicomed and Better Light (Quantum now has larger drives available)

On line storage while working active files, RAID solution (FWB, DPT, Snap)


Scanning software (LinoColor)

Digital Imaging Software (Adobe Photoshop)

DTP software (Adobe PageMaker and Adobe InDesign)

Additional useful items (Extensis Fetch, Extensis Page Tools)


Printing your final results

Dye sublimation (Alps 2300 or 1300)

Color laser (Lexmark,Optra SC 1275n)

Color Ink Jet (avoid all Epson printers, use Alps MD-1300) or color laser)

Color Ink Jet, large format (Epson, the model 1520 causes banding, excessive ink use. avoid. Use QMS, Lexmark, Xerox, Savin, Minolta, or Canon color copiers if you need professional quality color in 11x17" size)

Black and white laser, large format (Lexmark, QMS, Xante, GCC, Lexmark, HP)

Color wide format ink-jet (Hewlett-Packard DesignJet large format rinters; Encad NovaJet Pro and other ENCAD printers)

Hardware RIP (EFI, Electronics for Imaging)


If you are doing digital images a PC will not generate thumbnail pictures automatically. For that reason a Macintosh is far superior. We tried doing digital imaging on a PC (Dell Pentium Pro) and it was slow, slow, slow, and could not generate thumbnail images automatically even with HiJack Pro.

Memory (RAM)

Since a scan with a good flatbed scanner can be over 150 MB, per photo, you better select a Mac which can hold lots of RAM. Our Mac 9600 is loaded with 800 MB.


You will very quickly develop a lengthy SCSI chain as you pile up disk drives and other peripherals. These will need special cables.

where and how to store your digital images? RAID, DVD, or CD-R ?

Downloading your files requires massive storage

5.2 GB storage is coming on line this summer. Units are being advertised now. It is always best not to jump into any new technology. Wait until the second generation has gotten rid of the problems of the original units. Best place to get answers to your digital storage questions is MegaHaus

Regular 2.6 MB MO may be more dependible (the Nikon was more advanced, with direct overwrite but the two we tried out did not work well). An even more impressive storage technology is the 5.2 GB technology of DVD-RAM.

Sending your files to service bureaus

A Zip drive can transfer a single image (non-rollout) or of course you can lower any image down to 100 MB for a sample, even a panorama.

Jaz drives tried to become the international standard for sending files up to 1 GB in size. A Jaz drive will hold an entire panorama photograph (presuming you set the file size to just under 1 GB).

But today Jaz and Zip are no longer the standards. Today it is easier just to burn your own CD-R. The 8x and 12x CD-R burners are relatively fast.

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