Digital Photography Menu Digital cameras have at last progressed to the point where the quality of a large format digital photograph surpasses 35mm and is even better than conventional medium format
(2 1/4 inch rollfilm).

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Actually the new large format digital backs such as Dicomed equal and possibly surpass the quality of a 4x5" chrome.

I have seen this with my own eyes.

The technology is improving at a rate which is hard to keep track of. The first digital camera I used took a miniature image half the size of 35mm (yet it cost about $20,000). One year later the Kodak sensors had improved in quality and size, just short of 35mm format (about $28,000). A year later the large format Dicomed appeared, the price dropped from $23,000 to $19,000 in one year. Michael Collette has already developed the next generational improvement to large format digital cameras. These new Better Light camera backs will be available sometime after September.

Our Maya archaeology photography, books, and research Web site is a year old and has won an award as an "outstanding educational site." As a result we are now expanding our presence on the Internet with Web sites devoted to digital photography and to conventional photography as well.

Point-and-shoot digital cameras are what gave the whole digital system its bad name. Every review of digital photography dwells on the fact that these cheap cameras are incapable of matching the quality of even the cheapest 35mm film camera. For the same reason that FLAAR does not review point-and-shoot film cameras we also do not discuss cheap digital cameras. Plenty of information on this class of camera is available in the various popular photography magazines and popular computer magazines.

Our Web site will review medium format and large format digital cameras and will mention 35mm cameras (such as the Kodak 460 DCS) which are appropriate for professional work.

If you really want technical details on inkjet media, inks, and/or inkjet printhead technology, and especially if you wish to meet the movers and shakers in this industry, be sure to sign up for the next conference organized by IMI. To contact them write to These seminars are outstanding; the senior review editor of FLAAR usually attends because he can get so much fresh information for the readers of the FLAAR Reports in PDF format and the FLAAR Information Network of web sites.

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