When is it time to trade up to a BetterLight camera? 3 years using a Dicomed large format camera taught me that these cameras were solidly made.
So when it was time to move up to a more modern, faster large format CCS scanning back I had to decide which brand?

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BetterLight Super6000 large format digital scanning back for 4x5 cameras beats
PhaseOne in image quality.
Better Light or PhaseOne?

betterlight early prototype
This early prototype is still taking pictures. It has never ever broken down, stopped, or required repair at all. This is all the more impressive because I use this camera entirely on location, all over Honduras and Guatemala

Jobo's 4x5 scan back was shown at PMA trade show last year but not even evaluation units were available at that time. PhaseOne is well known and highly respected, but they require a FireWire connection. What about the thousands of people with SCSI-based Macs? Besides, the photographs by BetterLight were better in color fidelity and in shadow detail than those of PhaseOne, as clearly demonstrated when both cameras were used at PMA trade show. Both BetterLight and PhaseOne were used to photograph the identical scene with the same lighting. The results with the BetterLight camera were, better.

Furthermore, the BetterLight is considerably more reasonable in price. Also, I had used a prototype made by Michael Collette for three years.

All my equipment is constantly on the move, being rattled around in cabs, in camera cases being rolled up and down stairs. In any given month I may do location photography a dozen or more times, meaning that the entire system is taken down, moved to another location, and set up again.

In conclusion, if a camera built by Michael Collette can survive this for three years, if the new models are faster and cost less, and if the resultant photographs were demonstrated (by an independent panel) to be better than PhaseOne, then which camera would you chose?

BetterLight, www.betterlight.com, is available from Calumet Digital Solutions. At present photography equipment on location in Guatemala, Central America includes: BetterLight mounted on a Cambo Ultima. The BetterLight scan backs hold up to heat, dust, and constant travel.

michael collette and betterlight camera
The photo here shows Michael Collette at PMA trade show. BetterLight also exhibited at Photokina, Seybold, GraphExpo, and the various Macintosh trade shows. Next big event will be Photokina 2002. You can find Michael Collette and his colleagues at the upcoming Seybold trade show. Nicholas Hellmuth will attend every day to take notes on the latest advances in digital imaging technology.

If you need a reliable source for professional camera and studio equipment, Calumet Photographic/Calumet Digital Solutions has everything. Besides, you can talk to them and get friendly information.

If you wish additional information on the equipment described on this page, you might wish to contact scott.price@calumetphoto.com, tel 312 944 2777 ext 2202, fax 312 944 4035

If you might be using the BetterLight scanning back to photograph art for eventual fine art giclee printing, then consider asking about the BetterLight camera, since they know scanners, fine art giclee printers, watercolor paper, canvas, and also now the BetterLight digital camera systems. Contact is Mike Collette directly: e-mail: info@betterlight.com

If you really want technical details on inkjet media, inks, and/or inkjet printhead technology, and especially if you wish to meet the movers and shakers in this industry, be sure to sign up for the next conference organized by IMI. To contact them write to imi@tdstelme.net. These seminars are outstanding; the senior review editor of FLAAR usually attends because he can get so much fresh information for the readers of the FLAAR Reports in PDF format and the FLAAR Information Network of web sites.



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