Andrea David and I visited the Copenhagen headquarters of PhaseOne. Anders S. Anderson did a demo for us of their professional large format model, the FC70 or equivalent. The camera is nicely made. Andrea especially liked the software interface. PhaseOne makes a very professional impression.

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PhaseOne Digital Cameras

PhaseOne has their own Web site which you might wish to visit. In the meantime, you can reach them at: Phase One Denmark A/S, Roskildevej 39, DK-2000 Frederiksberg, Denmark. e-mail of Anders S. Anderson, sales manager for that area, is

Since FLAAR has a Dicomed (Better Light) and as Calumet recently provided us with a newer BetterLight Super 6000, and as we lack a PhaseOne unit, we suggest you visit our Better Light site for more information on large format digital photography.

Phase One digital
Phase One digital cameras booth

We are aware of the Leaf (Creo) high end systems but after we saw the PhaseOne and tried out the Dicomed, we are so content with the Dicomed and the PhaseOne that it would be unlikely that any other system could top this at the present state of technology. But then there is always a new tomorrow, and its changes in technology, so we will keep visitors posted if Leaf or Creo gets back into the cutting edge technology. Leaf started years ago in digital whereas Dicomed, PhaseOne, Better Light, and Color Crisp (ScanView) had the advantage of jumping straight into the latest developments. They had no need to discard constraints resulting from legacy hardware and software.

The high-end digital cameras available today in 4x5 format get more sophisticated every day. Since publishing and printing is all digital nowadays, might as well switch to digital format now.

After our experience with 35mm digital cameras while a Guest Professor in digital imaging at Japan's National Museum of Ethnology, Osaka we recommend avoiding 35mm and go straight to 4x5 format. Or, if a smaller format is adequate, at least go to 6x6 format. But don't get stuck with a rigid camera like a Hasselblad (or worse, their flexible cameras for which Zeiss lenses are totally useless). Get one of the really flexible tilt and swing cameras from a company that knows how to make them, such as Arca-Swiss, Linhof, or Sinar.

Avoid L-shaped studio cameras; the L-systems cannot hold the weight of the digital insert especially with the extra pull of the often rather rigid digital cables. SCSI cables can really pull on the digital insert. Perhaps Fire Wire will have a less aggressive connecting wire.

At the recent PMA photography trade show the BetterLight won the award for best large format scan back; PhaseOne came in last out of the three cameras tested. The BetterLight image was definitely better than that of PhaseOne (which was too dark in the shadows and had other problems with the colors).

If you really want technical details on inkjet media, inks, and/or inkjet printhead technology, and especially if you wish to meet the movers and shakers in this industry, be sure to sign up for the next conference organized by IMI. To contact them write to These seminars are outstanding; the senior review editor of FLAAR usually attends because he can get so much fresh information for the readers of the FLAAR Reports in PDF format and the FLAAR Information Network of web sites.

Medium Format
Leica (35mm)

Where and how to store your digital images? RAID, DVD, or CD-R?

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lots of links to information on desktop publishing hardware/software,


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