Those colorful birds featured in years of ViewSonic monitor ads must have left an imprint in my subconsciousness.

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Most of our monitors are ViewSonic 21" because ViewSonic offers a great monitor at a reasonable price

ViewSonic monitors often win good reviews, and even the average reviews tend to rate ViewSonic as good, so I figured it was worth getting one, a 20G. I liked it so I got another, a PT 810. When it was time to get a large monitor for the FLAAR office in Germany ViewSonic was a natural choice. I settled on a 21 PS since this had a reasonable price (costs of computer equipment in Europe are normally inflated).

When people begin moving up to dual monitors many of these will be ViewSonic. Since my Mac portable PowerBook 3400c will accept only one monitor, I at least want this one external monitor to be a ViewSonic P815, unless I get tempted by the ultra-wide monitors that I have seen reviews of.

Dr. Hellmuth with 21 inc monitor
Dr. Hellmuth using 21" Viewsonic monitor in our office in Florida. FLAAR has subsequently moved to St. Louis.

Where and how to store your digital images? RAID, DVD, or CD-R?

With large format digital images it becomes necessary to have dual monitors. The rollouts created by the Better Light Dicomed are of such high quality that they really need their own monitor to appreciate them. A second monitor is needed as a parking place for icons and reference material.

People in the Macintosh world have long been accustomed to multiple monitors. Jim Robinson, who is the artistic designer behind the original FLAAR Web sites, has three monitors. The FLAAR office has two monitors on the main PowerTowerPro 225 MHz machine that creates all the scans for our Web sites and now dual ViewSonic monitors on our Mac 9600.

Multiple monitors is one of the few features of the Mac world which had not really been readily available to the PC world. But that has now been changed with the new versions of the various Windows operating systems. The new Windows 98 will support up to eight monitors. This realization will unleash a tremendous buying spree. Museums, art historians, archaeologists, architects, architectural historians, will catch up with desktop publishing people who already have dual monitors. Digital images as large and magnificent as those produced by the Better Light Dicomed will encourage this switch to dual monitors.

Where and how to store your digital images? RAID, DVD, or CD-R?

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