For aerial photography, especially in a helicopter, it is essential to have a gyroscopic stabilizer. We recommend the Ken-Lab model.

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An essential item often forgotten in aerial photography

We used this Ken-Lab gyroscopic stabilizer doing aerial photography of Uaxactun, Seibal, Nakum, Tikal, Yaxha, and Lake Peten Itza in the 1970's. The results were great. You can see the resulting aerial photographs of the temple-pyramids of Tikal on our Web site.

The Linhof Aerotronica 69 has a harness for suspending it but I am not sure how to attach this when shooting "outside" the helicopter. We use a Bell Jet Ranger helicopter, remove the back door, and sit half outside the chopper. Our camera is thus normally also outside the helicopter. We are (hopefully) held in with a safety belt, but I would need to test the Linhof harness to see how it was fastened if the photographer himself was partially outside. Even with a harness, though, it would seem that the gyroscopic stabilizer would definitely be needed, since the harness straps would transmit the vibrations of the helicopter directly to the camera.

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