More than 60% of the color images on our other Web site were taken with a Hasselblad.

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Hasselblad, a leader in Medium Format Camera Systems

Overall I have shot at least 30,000 black-and-white images and 15,000 color transparencies with Hasselblad cameras over more than 30 years.

We will be discussing various aspects of the Hasselblad system as we build and update this new photography web site. In the meantime I am busy using my two ELX's and one SuperWide C.

Zeiss Lenses
hasselblad medium format camera
Hasselblad medium format camera taking a tabletop picture of a a cellular phone

The workhorse lens in my photography assignments is a 135 macro. I had one 120 macro but sold it to colleague Eldon Leiter. A few years later I needed a comparable lens for the Seitz Super Roundshot system so I bought a new one from Ken Hansen.

My other Zeiss lens that has recorded thousands of Maya pyramids and palaces is the Zeiss 50mm. I wish I had the new one with floating lens elements. Mine is an earlier model.

The 350mm Zeiss is a handy lens, especially for sculptural detail high up on Maya temples. With architecture as a prime target I do not have much use of a standard (80mm) lens, but when I got the contract to photograph for a Japanese photographer I needed to be able to cover all eventualities, so I added an 80mm lens to my arsenal.

Wishes for expanding my capabilities

To handle the new generation of digital backs (such as the ScanView Carnival) it will be necessary to have the latest model ELX, namely the 553. My two are the previous generation and do not accept digital backs.

Personally I could not live without the prism meter finder, but I would prefer the latest generation.

My class of work can get by with an ELX (as opposed to an F, FE, or FCC), but I do need the motorized capability because I often am photographing all day long.

Medium Format
Leica (35mm)


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