If you are considering this venerable camera, you might first take a look at two other possibilities, Hasselblad's own new architectural camera, and the new Linhof M 679.

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Brief Review of the Hasselblad SuperWide Camera

I have used the Hasselblad SuperWide C for decades. It is great for photographing architecture. But today there are new lenses, such as the ultra-wide angle lenses by Schneider and other equally capable optics by Rodenstock, which surpass Zeiss in many respects.

Besides, to photograph architecture seriously, a professional photographer will need perspective correction sooner or later. If this is the case you ought to consider moving up to 4x5 inch format. But if you really prefer to remain in medium format (like I did for almost twenty years before I moved to large format), then test drive the Hasselblad SuperWide C.

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