Excellent scanning software can turn an entry level scanner into a serious producer of useable scans.

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The software you use for scanning is as important as the hardware.

Cheap scanners for years have produced, well, cheap scans. Their software was rudimentary. Then along came SilverFast, and people found out that an economical scanner could do a rather good job if, if it had an outstanding software.

Even the good midrange scanner companies are gradually learning that the SilverFast software team is so good that SilverFast is better in all respects. Not merely slightly better, but substantially better.

For example, Polaroid's scanning software got thumbs down year after year from reviewers. Not only was the scanner itself plagued with inadequate definition in shadow areas, but the software was deficient. After two years of failing to convince any professional reviewer of its scanner software, Polaroid finally realized that SilverFast software was infinitely better than its own. Polaroid now bundles SilverFast in Europe. Shortly SilverFast will be available for Polaroid 4000 in the USA.

So even if you have an entry level Epson scanner, if it takes SilverFast, then you can improve your scans appreciably.

To obtain information of whether SilverFast is available for your make or model of scanner, take a look at www.SilverFast.com, e-mail is info@lasersoft-imaging.com

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