Actual pictures showing a 35mm color slide enlarged to 36 x 42 inches in exhibit-quality color print.

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What 35mm slide scanner? How can you make prints from your 35mm scans?

slide scan
35mm slide scan
Andrea holds up the teeny 35mm slide and compares it to the large 36 x 42 inch enlargement.
scan 35 mm slideNot bad for a 35mm slide. Admittedly, the slide was taken with a Leica camera, on a tripod. The slide was scanned with one of the best scanners in the world, the Creo EverSmart Supreme flatbed scanner. For additional information check out

Furthermore we used a good wide format color printer, the Hewlett-Packard DesignJet 2800CP. Recently we upgraded to the newer HP DesignJet 5000ps. For additional information on how to do large format color prints, check out,, and

Close-up of the enlargement. This is an actual photograph, with a simple camera, of the actual print... if you could see the original print with your own eyes you would notice the quality is considerably better than we can convey to you over the Internet, since we had to JPEG and crunch down these photos to get them to you.

Creo EverSmart scanner
Creo EverSmart Supreme flatbed scanner arrives at FLAAR + BGSU to be evaluated










Creo, CreoScitex, and Scitex are part of Kodak since 2005


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