Nowadays more shops need high-end scanners than there are trained operators. So it is essential to find a flatbed scanner that your current staff can use without having to get an advanced degree from MIT or the Rochester Institute of Technology.

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The advantage of calling your nearest CreoScitex (Kodak) flatbed scanner dealer is that now offers a wide range of flatbed scanners to suit every budget and every task, presuming you want a professional scanner.

 Scitex slide scanner
35mm Creo film slidescanner

Yet Kodak (CreoScitex) does not produce low-end entry level scanners. Kodak EverSmart Supreme and iQ3 scanners are constructed from the ground up for professional prepress use. If you want a cheap scanner where the only thing "professional" about it is the advertising hype, then go for Umax or Microtek. If your clients can't tell the difference, might as well use an ordinary scanner (Nikon or Epson). But if your clients pay for top quality, you better be prepared to deliver.


Creo, CreoScitex and Scitex

Thus a FLAAR review by Nicholas Hellmuth is a factual introduction to reality. You might think our reviewer as a technical degree, but not at all (his PhD is in art history, and in an era when digital imaging did not exist yet). If we can take a scanner out of the box and get outstanding results, then surely you can also. The Kodak (CreoScitex) Supreme exceeded all our expectations. The scans were fabulous. We know, since we have a wide format printer; we enlarged all the scans to giant proportions to check how well the scanner handled 35mm slides, medium format transparencies, 4x5's, etc.

Scitex scanner
Creo scanner

We anticipate that the Scitex scanner will give the Fuji C-550 Lanovia a run for its money.

The reason we decided to try the Creo line of scanners was because FujiFilm turned out to be not quite ready for the Internet. Two years ago their corporate web site did not even include a single e-mail, not even an "info" e-mail.

So FLAAR itself tried. FujiFilm appeared to have a concrete wall around its corporate headquarters that could not be pierced. Even when we met with company managers at a large international trade show, we got no indication that FujiFilm had an interest in making its scanners available via the Internet.

Thus we visited with the capable people from Creo, at the same trade show. Creo knows what the Internet is, and that people worldwide seek information on the Internet (which is why FLAAR has developed this network of 8 sites and over 500 pages of content).

 Scitex Eversmart

The EverSmart scanner has now arrived, we will have "first impressions" on the air shortly. In the meantime, we saw the Creo scanners at the trade show, and of course we already knew the international reputation of Scitex.

The double-box at the left is the oil-mounting station (optional, not required). The actual scanner is in the box at the right.

 Scitex Eversmart

Creo Jazz flatbed scanner, 2000x6000 dpi, $12,950

Creo Jazz+ flatbed scanner, 2540x7620, $15,950 (reasonable price for such a high-powered unit)

Creo EverSmart ProII, 3175x8200, used to be $34,950 (does more and costs less than other high end scanners; price dropped considerably recently)

Creo EverSmart Supreme, 5600x14,000, the high point of the high-end, currently about $45,000, down from $54,950.

Arrives Creo EverSmart scanner at FLAAR Flatbed scanner Creo EverSmart Supreme
Newly arrived at FLAAR, the Creo EverSmart Supreme flatbed scanner

If you are in the USA, and have general questions about Scitex, CreoScitex, Creo or Kodak scanners, you can obtain further information from Creo (Kodak) directly: 1 800 685-9462.

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