RAID technology has advanced considerably and now you can configure your own software RAID disk array easily; you just need two disks of the same specs.

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RAID technology can provide you the ideal SCSI storage devices

I used to think a RAID system was only for Fortune 500 companies or giant graphics studios in New York. But then I found out that you can easily and economically create your own RAID system in your own office, even if you are in the Unfortunate Hundred Million. We are testing Seagate Cheetah Ultra2 SCSI disks as a RAID disk array. Our initial review is positive. We recommend a RAID, now that the hardware prices have dropped and the RAID system software can be configured on your own in a few minutes.

RAID Direct

Power Raid

Here is our RAID system. 36 GB (two 18 GB Seagate Cheetah Ultra2 SCSI disks). We now recommend Quantum, as we have found them more reliable than Seagate Cheetah disks.

Random Array of Inexpensive Disks is one way to look at it (or Random Array of Independent Disks). A RAID array system is simply a stack of two or more disk drives coupled together. Rather basic and easy to arrange, just put one hard drive on top of the other, load your software, and you now have your own RAID system.

Here is the easy software, on the diskette (I wanted Level 0 for faster movement of large digital files).

The Better Light large format digital camera produces immense files (300 and 400 MB per single photograph). If produce digital photographs of this professional size you need to upgrade to a professional storage system, namely a RAID array of disks. I felt more secure having someone hold my hand as I installed the RAID software, so a technician did it over the phone. It took 7 minutes (our Mac has 800 MB of RAM so it takes a while to turn on for the restart needed after installing new software).

Easy, economical, and fast. You can have your own personal RAID array system on your own desk, or build RAID systems for your entire office. RAID provides you with all the storage devices that you need.

You can also opt for a hardware RAID. ProDirect can answer your questions and fix you up with whatever size RAID you need. You can expand your RAID in the future, as your business grows.

For a RAID system all you need are two identical hard drives, any two, but same make, model, and speed. The two drives are (electronically) merged as a single drive, and appear as a single drive on your desktop. You get double the speed since each drive is sucking the data in or out. If you add more drives, you get more capacity.

If you want redundancy, you can add more drives and elect a higher RAID mode (a higher RAID number). This way, if any one drive fails then your other drives have the same data and recreate the full archive.

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