Tips, reviews, and recommendations on what hard drive is best for you based on the Digital Imaging Technology Center experiences.

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Tests suggest that Seagate and/or Quantum hard drives are faster than IBM equivalents.

Michael Collette (Better wLight digital cameras) originally used primarily IBM hard drives for his high end large format digital camera systems. Then Quantum came out with some new models that were faster than the IBM drives of the same rating. So now pro photographers at the high end use Quantum.

The FLAAR offices are primarily equipped with Seagate drives, originally Barracudas and now primarily the faster Cheetahs. We would test and review Quantum drives but our almost 100 Gigs of storage happen to be all Seagate.

We prefer and recommend the new Ultra2 flavor of SCSI.

Prodirect Seagate hardrive
Prodirect 6GB Seagate hardrive

Ultra SCSI (without the 2) are still around, but are slower. To move up to Ultra2 you need to buy the Ultra2 Adapter card.

You can select from Adaptec or Atto SCSI adapter cards. Consider a dual channel card from Atto. Ask your dealer, since they are experts in SCSI cards, cables, SCSI chains, resolving SCSI conflicts, and on providing fast hard drives.

Pictured above, 36 GB hard drive. This is an IBM drive so we can test how it compares with Seagate and Quantum. We used to get drives from a variety of dealers but found it was more economical to get them all at one place.

We require a mail order company to be honest, reliable, to have been in business already several years, and to be strong enough to stay in business deep into the coming new millennium.

No surcharge for credit card, polite refunds, and super low prices. Don't go on the Internet to a fly-by-night quickie dealer. They will not be around to repair your drive four years later! You should get a several year guarantee. For these reasons we recommend MegaHaus as the place to buy your hard drives, CD-RW,CD-R, and DVD drives and burners. e-mail:


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