Once you have your digital camera and your flatbed scanner, how do you store all those digital files? We have spent several years testing MO, CD, and especially the new DVD technology.

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Common sense information, tips, guide, links, and suggestions for storing digital images.

CD-R hardrive
Stack of CD-R hardrives

Most storage devices are shamefully overpriced. Thus avoid the direct-overwrite systems, they cost over $1,400 and the disks are overpriced as well.

A Zip drive is handy to switch files among computers within your office and almost essential to send material to other people. This is because almost all professional graphics people have a Zip drive available. But avoid the temptation to use Zip disks for long term storage. Zip disks are needlessly costly. You are much better off to buy a CD-R burner and/or a DVD-RAM system. Zip disks cannot store enough data to make them cost-effective, not even the newer larger Zip size.








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DVD, the best solution for now and into the new millennium.

CD-R, the best budget solution now and for the next years.

Basic SCSI hard drives, what you need most today and tomorrow

RAID, what in the world is a RAID system and why should I consider one?

Snap RAID system

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