DVD-RAM is based on time-tested PD dual phase technology of 'Toray and Panasonic.

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DVD-RAM is a high density CD-like disk inside a protective cartridge.
DVD-RAM holds 5.2 GB (2.6 GB per side).

Panasonic DVD-RAM
Panasonic DVD- RAM

PD dual phase (Phasewriter) technology had a brief surge of popularity in 1995 to 1996. PD was promulgated primarily by 'Toray and Panasonic. DVD-RAM is a much superior and advanced form I am especially interested in the Panasonic DVD-RAM system because it can read all my old PD disks (I have scores of PD disks because I was Visiting Professor for digital imaging in Japan in 1995-1996).

A DVD-RAM writer/player looks just like any CD-R unit.

We prefer the Panasonic because Panasonic was part of the PD Dual Phase technology, so has a head start into DVD-RAM technology.

A DVD-RAM disk is inside a protective shell. The assemblage is virtually identical to the PD disks on which DVD-RAM technology is based.

DVD-RAM packs

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