Nowadays burning a CD yourself is as easy as 1 minute drag-and-drop. No more Frisbees. Out of 168 CD's I burned recently, I lost only three during burning. Our experience helps
you decide whether CD-R, CD-RW, CD-ROM.

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The Polaroid SprintScan 45i Multi-Format film scanner has been finally retired.
This scanner has (fortunately) been replaced by the PolaroidSprintScan 45 Ultra.

HiVal CD
HiVal CD's and boxes

Do not waste money and use Zip for storing files. Store files on CD-R or DVD-RAM. Use a Zip only for moving files from one computer to another quickly. If you have only one computer

, then teach yourself how to burn a CD and spare yourself the overpriced Zip disks. Everybody can read a CD, but not everyone has a Zip to read the files you want to send.

When burning a multi-platform CD-R, you get better results selecting the ISO mode then you do the dual-platform mode. Be sure you test your results on both a Mac and a PC before you send your supposedly dual-platform CDs out the door.

What to chose, CD-R or CD-RW?

Since a blank CD costs only about $1 each, it is considerably cheaper to burn CD-R's than to burn CD-RW.

If you need to Rewrite, you should be using DVD-RAM and more hard drives.

Picture shows CD-R disks, one kind is plain so it is easier to write on them. If you want to print your own logo, be sure to buy the printable kind.

What about Jaz?

Fine, if you don't mind wasting money.

Panasonic CD-R
Panasonic CD-R

What about Zip drives? Yes, it is nice to have one external Zip to move around your office if you have several computers.

It used to be that you had to use a Zip if you wanted to send anyone else your files.

But why limit yourself to 100 MB and pay $10 for the overpriced media? You can burn 650 MB onto a CD-R at the cost of $1.

more information on burning CD-R disks (it's easy and quick)

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