A flatbed scanner has considerable potential to serve as a substitute camera for making records for insurance, inheritance, and any necessary documentation.

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Sometimes it is simply easier to place objects on top of a flatbed scanner than to set up lights, a photo table, tripod, and all that.

3d object scan
Direct scan of a a pre-Columbian gold turtle.

Here is a replica of a pre-Columbian gold turtle. The gold is possibly actually gold, but these are mass produced for tourists. Still, they make nice jewelry.

This is a direct scan of the actual turtle on a flatbed scanner.

No preparation, just popped the turtle on, pressed the button, and all digitized, ready for use in any graphics design.

If you have your own flatbed scanner at home or in the office or studio, let your imagination conjure up all the various items you can scan.

Whether for work or hobby, a flatbed scanner is a wonderful accessory to your computer system, both for a PC or for a Macintosh.

Just be sure to get a quality scanner with good software. You will not get a scan of this quality with a $79 scanner.
I should add that the scan above is just a quickie and was done by a person with no previous scanning ability whatsoever. After all, if all our testers are professionals we will never learn how a real normal person will fare when they try a particular make and model.


What is the best way to store your scanned images?
CD-R or CD-RW ? Now you can have both in a single unit, 8x CD-R, 4x CD-RW, 24x read.
DVD-RAM, 5.2 GB per disk (2.6 GB per side), disks under $60, DVD-RAM burner/readers for under $800. Why is this a good storage solution and where can you buy these?


Flatbed scanners
Fuji C 550 Lanovia
Fine scan 2550
Heidelberg/ Linoscan
Linotype hell saphir ultra 2
Heidelberg Linoscan 2400
Hi-end Flatbed scanners
Hi-end sophisticated scanners
Imacon Flextight photo scan
Leaf, lumina scanner (review)
Color balance/color correction
Scan samples: jaguar, Maya textile, gold turtle, gun, stamps, beaver
ArtixScan 6000XY
ArtixScan 4000t
Polaroid sprintscan scanner 4000
Sprintscan 120 for medium format film
Sprintscan multi-format including 4x5
Sprintscan 35 plus
Scan 3D objects on a flatbed scanner (Linotype-Hell)
Scitex Eversmart
Umax Power look (capabilities)
Digital recording (coins , stamps)
4x5 transparency enlarged to 60x60 inches
6x6 transparencies on a flatbed scanner (sample)
Scan of textured jaguar

scan of textile texture

scan of stamp collection

scan of cedar wood texture

scan of 3D seashells

to reveal how three-dimensional an object can be, a scan of a Derringer pistol

gateway to links to all the scans

gateway to links to information on LinoColor software

lots of links to information on desktop publishing hardware/software, www.laser-printer-reviews.org

where and how to store your digital images? RAID, DVD, or CD-R ?

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