You can scan your jewelry, your coin collection, stamp collection or any object you can get onto the flatbed scanner (scanners come up to 11x17 inches, A3 size in Europe).

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You can use a flatbed scanner to document all your valuables.

stamp collection  scan
Different animal stamps scan

Insurance companies require documentation of your valuables so buying a scanner is a worthwhile investment.
If you have a stamp collection, you can make your own album. Just scan the stamps and then print them on a color laser printer (we recommend the QMS).

You can now get color laser at 11x17 or oversize tabloid (full-bleed 11.7 x 17.7 inches on 13x19 inch paper).

Just be sure you do not reproduce the stamps at actual size (that is illegal). And be absolutely sure you do not attempt to scan, photocopy, or reproduce money in current circulation (don't worry, you cannot reproduce the watermarks or the reflective counterfeiting protection).

flower stamp enlargement
Enlargement of a flower scan

On the stamps I altered details with an airbrush to avoid this problem.

If you have a stamp collection, your album has empty spaces for the missing stamps (all the expensive ones your spouse won't let you buy). But if you scan the stamps you do have, you can make an album which is completely filled.

Besides, why pay someone else to create an album when you can make one yourself?

Here are some sample stamp scans. It is rather hard to find an album for plate blocks, so I just made my own. These are stamps I collected in my younger days.

How large an object can you scan? How about a pistol or revolver! At the moment I have only several letter-sized flatbed scanners, but with a larger Linotype-Hell scanner you can go up to 11x17, for heavier artillery


stamp bunch scan
Scan of a bunch of stamps



What is the best way to store your scanned images?
CD-R or CD-RW ? Now you can have both in a single unit, 8x CD-R, 4x CD-RW, 24x read.
DVD-RAM, 5.2 GB per disk (2.6 GB per side), disks under $60, DVD-RAM burner/readers for under $800. Why is this a good storage solution and where can you buy these?

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