You can use your flatbed scanner to "photograph" all kinds of objects around the home or office. Comparisons with other scanners allows us to recommend the Heidelberg flatbed scanner.

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Once you have a scanner at home or in the office you will surely experiment scanning
some rather bizarre objects.

Linocolor info booklet
Linocolor's "30 Minutes for your first scan" info booklet

It would be hard to get a more 3-dimensional object than a convoluted seashell. Here are excellent scans of seashells with a Linotype-Hell Saphir Ultra2 scanner.

If you are just beginning in the world of flatbed scanners, nice to know you can do a good looking scan after 30 minutes of introduction to your hardware and software. The scans on these pages resulted from the first 15 minutes (after hardware was cabled and software was loaded...but not calibrated or with ICC profiles). ICC
profiles I will tackle next. Still, first scan was rather nice.

This is one of the first scans I made after unpacking the scanner from the shipping box.

All the scans in this section of our web site were made within the first days that the scanner arrived.

This should demonstrate how easy the hardware and software is to use.

Sample scans of various types

Scan of photo of Maya jade plaque

Scan of photo of Maya vase

How to scan your stamp collection

gateway to lots of links

Setup of the Linotype scanner

3D seashells scan

Scan of seashells on a Linotype-Hell scanner.

These pictures show why we like the Linotype-Hell scanner from Heidelberg CPS. We already have five other scanners but the Saphir Ultra2 is truly easy to use. Press the buttons, click the mouse, and here are the results, even 3-D.

What is the best way to store your scanned images?
CD-R or CD-RW ? Now you can have both in a single unit, 8x CD-R, 4x CD-RW, 24x read.
DVD-RAM, 5.2 GB per disk (2.6 GB per side), disks under $60, DVD-RAM burner/readers for under $800. Why is this a good storage solution and where can you buy these?

FLAAR Digital Imaging Technology Center, e-mail

where and how to store your digital images? RAID, DVD, or CD-R ?


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