If you do any kind of design or graphics business, especially advertisements, posters, decoration, then a better scanner would facilitate your business.

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If you are dependent on clip art and stock photos, you can do much better using your own imagination, your own photos, and your own scanner.

Linotype Hell scan
This cropped scan of a 6x6 cm transparency can be enlarged to 18x20 inches for poster size use.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Linotype-Hell Saphir Ultra2 flatbed scanner, LinoColor Elite software.

Hasselblad ELM, Zeiss macro lens, painted wooden jaguar, Mexico, photographed by Nicholas Hellmuth, FLAAR Photo Archive, www.maya-art-books.org The above scan could be much improved with additional training and effort. This is a 5 minute quickie (total time to scan and image in Adobe Photoshop). If you use calibration capability and all the bells and whistles of LinoColor software, you could produce a noticeably better image. The scanner just arrived, I unpacked it, and wanted to see its basic qualities. Not bad for 5 minutes. Just imagine the images you can produce if you use your artistic talents.








 RAID is super fast. Let MegaHaus tell you how.
 raid system
A RAID system is as easy as hooking two drives together. You get twice the speed of a single drive with RAID level 0.
 How should you store your scanned images?
 dvd ram
DVD-RAM stores 5.2 GB on a disk that costs under $60 (2.6 GB per side). A DVD-RAM burner/player costs under $800. How, where to buy?


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