I cheated and moved quickly into the Photoshop import mode of LinoColor Elite and had an initial scan in about 15 minutes (counting loading software and other initial getting ready).

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Heidelberg CPS recently provided FLAAR with a professional scanner for test and review. Linotype-Hell flatbed scanners include a booklet, "30 Minutes to your First Scan."

Flatbed scanner reviews are a specialty of the FLAAR Digital Imaging Technology Center. It is difficult for non-specialists to figure out which brand and which model is the most cost-effective.

guatemalan potholder

Here is my proud first scan from the Heidelberg flatbed scanner, a Guatemalan Maya textile, a bird. Open it up and it is a potholder, yet on the scanner this becomes a native Central American art motif for all kinds of use in graphic design.

The result is that most institutions and companies buy low-bid, the cheapest on their list. If you want a cheap scanner, then by all means order the one with the lowest price. Your results may also be low-bid.

With results like the scan above, you can see why we like the Linotype-Hell Saphir Ultra2 flatbed scanner with its Linocolor interface and software. Linotype-Hell setup documentation

If you have training, you can do even better (and faster). Worried about not being trained? Don't fret. I must admit I have never taken a course in digital imaging in my life. I just plugged everything together and pressed the buttons. Voila, a colorful indigenous Maya textile from Guatemala.

Once you get all your nice new scanned images, where and how can you store them? We faced this same dilemma and have worked out a variety of solutions: burning your own CD-R, using the new DVD-RAM., or developing a RAID system for your studio (it's easy, we have a 36 GB RAID system in our own office).

 RAID is super fast. Let MegaHaus tell you how.
 raid system
A RAID system is as easy as hooking two drives together. You get twice the speed of a single drive with RAID level 0.
 How should you store your scanned images?
 dvd ram
DVD-RAM stores 5.2 GB on a disk that costs under $60 (2.6 GB per side). A DVD-RAM burner/player costs under $800. How, where to buy?

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