You get a 60x60 inch print at 100 dpi, a 50x50 inch print at 120 dpi, and a 40x40 inch print at 150 dpi, all from a 4x5 chrome scanned on a Linotype-Hell Saphir Ultra2 (scanned at 1200 dpi, maximum optical capacity; I prefer not to use interpolated files).

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The Linotype-Hell Saphir Ultra2 flatbed scanner will enlarge a 4x5 transparency to 60x60 inches on a wide-format HP or Encad printer.

Minimum enlargement of a 4x5 chrome from this Linotype-Hell scanner would be 40x40 inches (on a 600 dpi HP 3500). Is this large enough?

 Maya incised vase  maya vase incised close up
Here is a Maya vase (about 4 inches high). 4x5 chrome, Linhof, Schneider macro lens, FLAAR Photo Archive, Here is an enlargement of a portion. Keep in mind the Internet does not allow the full original quality to shine through. Suffice it to say, this quality is good enough for professional prepress for office publications, brochures--and clearly good enough for the Internet. 60x60, or even 40x40 inches is surely large enough for plenty of posters.

Testing at the Center for Advanced Imaging (St Louis Community College, Meramec campus, Missouri) documents that a 600 dpi HP 3500 wide format printer is content with about 120 dpi in the actual file sent to the printer. You do not need to send a 200 dpi file to get 600 dpi on this kind of printer.

When you compare flatbed scanners be sure to recognize that the software is as important as the mechanics of the flatbed scanner itself. In other words, if the flatbed scanner you select has better software, you can look forward to superior results.

 RAID is super fast. Let MegaHaus tell you how.
 raid system
A RAID system is as easy as hooking two drives together. You get twice the speed of a single drive with RAID level 0.
 How should you store your scanned images?
 dvd ram
DVD-RAM stores 5.2 GB on a disk that costs under $60 (2.6 GB per side). A DVD-RAM burner/player costs under $800. How, where to buy?

Technical Notes

If you have an HP DesignJet 2500 or 3500 you can speed it up and simultaneously improve print quality if you obtain any of the following aftermarket software RIPs: ColorBus, Best, Onyx Postershop, or 3M Cactus. The Maya vase is from the Late Classic, AD 550-750, Mexico or Guatemala, photographed in a private collection in Europe. This image is part of a research resource of 40,000 color slides of pre-Columbian art in the FLAAR Photo Archive,

scan of textured jaguar

scan of textile texture

scan of stamp collection

scan of cedar wood texture

scan of 3D seashells

scan of 3D gold jewelry from Costa Rica

to reveal how three-dimensional an object can be scanned, a scan of a Derringer pistol

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where and how to store your digital images? RAID, DVD, or CD-R ?

lots of links to information on desktop publishing hardware/software,

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