Silver Fast comes in several varieties, working with most major flatbed scanners, 35mm film scanners (Nikon CoolScan 35mm slide scanners and now at last for the Polaroid 4000 scanner), and even drum scanners (Crosfield drum scanners and Howtek drum scanners).

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LaserSoft Imaging makes SilverFast, the flatbed scanner software which is easy to use and provides professional results.

ScanPilot image from SilverFast scanner software courtesy of LaserSoft Imaging, Kiel, GermanyAn especially important software package from Laser Soft is their software to handle opening Kodak Photo CD's. If you realized that Kodak PhotoCD scanners did to the pixels of your precious photographs you would stop using the Kodak system and instead scan your slides yourself (the Fuji C-550 Lanovia will scan 100 slides all at once, one single batch...). Or, if you have just a few incidental 35mm slides, you can use a Nikon or Polaroid 35mm film scanner.

A SilverFast interface for Windows also comes with the high end prepress drum scanner from Eurocore.

Silver Fast scanner software works with Agfa, Heidelberg (LinoColor, Linotype-Hell), and Umax flatbed scanners as well as entry level flatbed scanners from Canon, Epson, PFU, Quatographic, Sharp, Storm, Microtek and other companies listed on the LaserSoft web site. To obtain information of whether SilverFast is available for your make or model of scanner, take a look at


Silver Fast is also the software for all three models of the Leica digital camera,

 Why is a RAID system the best way to store pictures?

A RAID system is as easy as hooking two drives together. You get twice the speed of a single drive with RAID level 0.

 How should you store your scanned images?

DVD-RAM stores 5.2 GB on a disk that costs under $60 (2.6 GB per side). A DVD-RAM burner/player costs under $800. How, where to buy?


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