Which high-end flatbed scanner is best for prepress professionals? Heidelberg Nexscan, Fuji Lanovia C-550, ScanView or Creo EverSmart?

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Whether traditional film-based photography or digital photography for the new millennium, you need a gray card and color checker all the more.

Heidelberg Nextscanner
Heidelberg Nextscanner

We recently inspected the Heidelberg flatbed scanners at CeBIT computer trade show in Hannover, Germany. The Nexscan appears to be the replacement for the venerable Heidelberg Topaz flatbed scanner. Seems to be a similar size to the Agfa 5000. Most scanner manufacturers tend to buy the insides of their scanners from other companies and add primarily the scanner software. Thus the entry level Agfa scanners are from Microtek; the entry level LinoColor scanners of Heidelberg CPS are from Umax (generally considered better than those from Microtek). I don't yet have the identification of who made the insides of the Agfa 5000 or the Heidelberg Nexscan but will report this as soon as some kind soul sends us an e-mail about this.

Since Heidelberg did not have a scanner available to send to FLAAR for detailed evaluation we have more experience with the Creo EverSmart Supreme. Creo was so well organized that they got this high-end prepress flatbed scanner to FLAAR with no unnecessary paperwork requirements. The scanner simply arrived and has been busy generating good news about Creo scanner capabilities every since.

Heidelberg Nextscan flatbed scanner
Heidelberg Nextscan flatbed scanner

As soon as a Nexscan from Heidelberg is available for review we will be glad to test it, but in the meantime we can report that the Creo EverSmart is producing outstanding scans.

The FLAAR editor(s) travel to as many major computer and digital imaging trade shows as possible (Seybold, Photokina, GraphExpo, PMA, CeBit). Next trade show is DRUPA, the largest printer and paper trade show in the world (held only every five years).




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