We have searched for four years, testing scanners at the National Museum in Osaka, Japan, testing in our research center in the USA, and now also in our test studio in Germany.

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People want to know what is absolutely the best possible flatbed scanner to get, the highest quality.

fujifilm scanners

  The scanning area is flush with the surface of the equipment, so you can scan large books, large paintings, drawings, pictures, photo enlargements, sections of larger objects that have a particular detail you wish to record at high quality. Here we are scanning 40 slides.

We have visited ScanView in Copenhagen, attended Photokina and CeBIT trade shows in Germany as well as countless trade shows in Orlando, Long Beach, Anaheim (California). Shortly we will be reviewing what is available at Seybold '99 in San Francisco.

We sour the trade press, visit graphics design studios and see what they are actually using in the real world. Our conclusion to date, the two best flatbed scanners you can obtain today (and probably into the next millennium) are the C-550 Lanovia from Fujifilm Electronic Imaging, Ltd. and the EverSmart series from Creo.

The review results are based on in-person scrutiny of the actual scanners (inside and out) as well as a suite of test objects (35mm, medium format 6x6 cm, 4x5 large format chromes as well as 3-dimensional objects).

Information on the results with 3-D objects is available on www.flatbed-scanner-review.org.

Additional reviews of the Fuji C-550 Lanovia on www.flatbed-scanner-review.org

fuji lanovia c550

47 x 35 cm surface is over 13 x 18 inches (so larger than tabloid full bleed, A3 oversize). Ask for a demo, Fujifilm Electronic Imaging,www.ffei.co.uk, offices in all major countries and most large cities.










Showing actual 3-D objects (rabbits) and then showing the resulting scan.

Scanning 40 35mm slides all at once.

Comparing a 3-D object scanned with a 1200 dpi scanner and the Fuji 5000 dpi scanner. The Fuji is large enough to scan an object up to 45 cm long. Here we show how this scanner handles a large 3-D object, a carved wooden effigy of a jaguar.
Enlargement of a scan of a native Mexican handicraft to reveal the full detail in depth of focus that the Fuji C-550 Lanovia can achieve (horse). Two especially beautiful scans done with the Fuji scanner, on the bottom of this page of all the internal links to this site. Scans of architectural history (Missouri Ozarks) done with Fuji scanner. Bottom of the page.
Scanning 4x5 chromes with the Fuji results in ability to enlarge small details to poster size (jade). General discussion of the Fuji Lanovia flatbed scanner. Mention of the drum scanners which Fujifilm also makes.
now being prepared, FLAAR reports by the Senior Review Editor on flatbed scanners for prepress, photo archives, and museums. Additional reports evaluate what scanner(s) are best for digitizing your slides and photos for digital printing, especially fine art giclee. 

Comprehensive information, on the best ways to print digital photos and graphics.

How about color prints a full 36" inches wide?

postcard sized digital photo printers (dye sub printers) letter size and 11x17 dye sub printers for outstanding quality
what paper is best for digital photos ? what paper for brochures? European paper ?  Rolls Royce of digital printers www-dye-sub-printer-review.org
Capable laser printer for printing photographs at 11x17 (A3) up to 13x26". What are the best scanners to digitize your photos, your pictures, your 35mm slides, 3-D objects? 24 inch wide color printing capability on your desktop
Which graphics quality laser printer(s) can print up to 35 inches long, at up to 1200 dpi? Once you scan (digitize) the photos, how do you store the digitized format?

What wide format printer to avoid ? What ink jet printers to avoid ?

  www.flatbed-scanner-review.org www.wide-format-printers.org


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