DVD-RAM has won out over other competing forms of DVD media.

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DVD-RAM is the new technology of choice for storing large digital images.

Tune up software
Tune up software for architects
This web site brings information from international trade shows in Europe such as Photokina and CeBIT. Lots of CD-R, CD-RW, and DVD-RAM equipment on at the computer trade show CeBIT '99 in Hannover, Germany. With 28 halls, 7500 exhibit booths, and over half-a-million visitors, CeBIT '99 was surely the largest computer event in the world. We then attended CeBIT 2000, and it was even larger. Now we are getting ready for two weeks at DRUPA and then Photokina in the fall.

At CeBIT we visited the booth of Smart and Friendly whose 8x Rocket CD-R burner was impressive. Yamaha CD burners
get consistently good reviews but previously we had obtained a Panasonic CD-R burner, Adaptec Toast software, and are absolutely content.

But there is newer, faster, and fancier equipment out there, so stay tuned for updates.

Where to buy DVD-RAM, CD-R, CD-W, RAID, and hard drives?

Fair prices, pleasant service, reliable technical help, and an honest company that has been in business for many years awaits you at MegaHaus. They sell only storage (computer storage). e-mail rgroover@megahaus.com




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