The one key source for factual information on DVD-RAM, CD-R, CD-RW, and all other DVD and CD formats is the trade magazine e-media professional.

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E-Media Professional Magazine

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Especially useful are listings of all the places you can buy things like paper sleeves for your bulk CD's. Why use jewel cases--they just crack and break--and cost as much as an entire blank CD. Use a paper envelope instead. These and countless useful items are offered for sale in the back of e-media professional magazine.

On the subject of DVD-RAM and CD-R or CD-RW, we recommend ProDirect for reasonable prices, fast service, and being a company you can count on.

For F A SSSS TTTTT CD-R burning, we recommend any 12x CD-R burner. The newer models offer 12x CD-R combined with at least 4x CD-RW and naturally CD-ROM player all in the same unit.

If you need to print a nice design to make your CD look professional, turn to CD color printers by Primera Technology, Inc, a new offshoot of Fargo., subscriptions 800 806 7795, e-mail, personal subscription $55, corporate $98

Professional Photoshop 5 by Dan Margulis
Adobe Photoshop for profesionals by Martin Evening
Start with a Scan: A Guide to Transforming Scanned Photos and Objects intoHigh Quality Art," by Janet Ashford and John Odam


Mac Upgrade and Repair Bible, by Todd Stauffer

Inside Adobe Photoshop

The Official Photo CD Handbook

Start with a Scan

For additional reviews of DVD-RAM hardware and software, go to our DVD-RAM gateway.

Gateway to hard drives

what is a Snap RAID server?

lots of links to information on desktop publishing hardware/software,

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