The ad claims for the Microtek ArtixScan 4000t are not true. This is not a new standard in scanning quality at all since Nikon blows this scanner away.

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Discussion of the Microtek ArtixScan 4000t for 35mm slides and negatives.

Perhaps a year ago the claim was sort of okay: Microtek claims: "At 3.4 Dmax, the ArtixScan 4000t easily captures the level of detail and sharpness required by the most discriminating imaging professionals." II doubt many imaging professionals would use a scanner of this low D-Max, and surely not if they were discriminating.

The other tidbit is that Microtek claims this captures "over twice as many pixels as its competitors" That just ain't so. First of all, a main competitor is Polaroid, and it's 4000 dpi scanner is reportedly manufactured by Microtek, so how can the Microtek version be twice as good as the virtually identical Polaroid.

Next problem, Nikon has a scanner that is the same number of pixels but at vastly superior D-Max rating (even if the Nikon specs are a bit over enthusiastic the Nikon still looks like the better scanner).

Which should you buy, Artix or Polaroid? If you get SilverFast, chose that option. But myself I would prefer any of the newer Nikon scanners.

Microtek is not a bad scanner, it's just that others are better. Besides, the Microtek ads are potentially misleading, lulling a naive buyer into thinking that professional prepress people would tend to select a Microtek. Probably some low-budget places do, but successful prepress companies would not take these scanners seriously.

If you just want a low-cost scanner for your family use, to scan for using at 72 dpi on the Internet or to send small inkjet prints to grandmother, a Microtek is okay, but a Nikon may be better. Depends on whether you buy for price or for quality of the resulting image.


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